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right now, you’re probably extremely bored, ‘cause I know I am. I miss you a lot. but you’ll be home soon. when I talked to you last, I was upset— not with you, of course. and you left with “I have a few things to say when I get home istg. I’m so mad.” but just so you know, you don’t have to defend me. or do anything for that matter. I’m not upset anymore, I’m not hurt or offended, it was just a little downfall I guess.

right now… I feel… strangely sappy. so… I’m just going to say a lot of stuff here. I know what people say about you. I know what they think about you. and I don’t care tbh. I couldn’t care less about what you’ve done with other people— what matters to me is what you’ve done with me. this is our relationship, not theirs. Let’s be real, people talk a lot of smack about me too. and I own up to it. I know I’ve done some bad stuff, but that’s not what my life revolves around. I am not the mistakes I make, and neither are you. I know how you feel, but god could I let you remind me every second. I’m happy I could be the one that made you improve, I’m glad I could be your happiness.

I didn’t realize this before… why? I don’t know. you say it’s because I was scared, and perhaps, it’s true. but I just can’t help but to be a little dumbfounded by how blind I was. I complained about how I wanted someone who loved me, and you were right in front of me for 7 months. 7 months, Jiyong, 7 months. gosh… how could I be so silly?

that doesn’t matter… what matters is, we’re here now.
I’ve held the pen for too long, and I finally decided to end this story.
and actually… it has a happy ending. because I’m happy, and you’re happy.
I don’t want anybody else. it’s you, it’s you, it’s all you. it’s always been you. you’re the one for me. this isn’t as long as half the things you write for me… I apologize… but the length of this post does not determine my love for you.
I know I can be moody, I can be “two-faced”, and honestly, I really am a handful. hard to understand. but, thank you for handling me at my worst when nobody else could. and thank you for continuing to be prepared to handle me. thank you for loving me. you’re important, you’re loved, and no matter what, I’m here with you. I trust you.

kk das it tho i’ll see you when you come home ok i love you stay safe & be careful, jingiebear. ♥ ♡

jitokkies replied to your post: jitokkies 남긴 말:hey boo :) i see y…

*kisses your cheek* you precious thing

don’t make me blush, anie—

hey boo :) i see you talkin 'bout me :P wHO GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO HAVE LEGS LIKE THAT

I’ve been caught red handed— well— probably my parents.. also God—

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